What Are They Saying?

Opera News on HUSHERS

"Judging by the evidence here, Quince Ensemble is the Anonymous 4 of new music. They have a clear mission (in this case, commissioning, performing, and advocating new and experimental work), superb blend, great versatility, and a general fearlessness of approach. It’s hard to imagine that the fresh, daring, often forbiddingly difficult works on this disc could be performed any better."


Joshua Rosenblum, Opera News


On Jennifer Jolley's Prisoner of Conscience

“Prisoner of Conscience” was moving and soulful and was a fitting conclusion to a concert that ventured into the horizon of possibilities for vocal ensemble music, often making subtle remarks about society along the way. Quince received a standing ovation, a sure indication that the rest of the audience also appreciated the outstanding singing of each member as well as the fascinating and meaningful new music that they shared."


-Jay MacKenzie, The Lawrentian


The Best Contemporary Classical Albums of 2017

"The group brings a harrowing precision and emotional rawness to HUSHERS"


-Peter Margasak, BandCamp


New Music Box: Staff Picks for 2017 

"I love the Quince ensemble’s pure and compelling vocal sound."


-Deborah Steinglass, New Music Box



Seattle's The Stranger

"[Quince] weaves strangely beautiful webs of song out of their incomparably pliable vocal cords. Their intricate chamber-group interplay sounds at once ancient and avant-garde, and it abounds with surprising dynamics. QCVE could conceivably appeal to fans of 20th-century radical singers like Joan La Barbara and Urszula Dudziak."


- Dave Segal, The Stranger


Chamber Music America Magazine

"Over the years, the ensemble's rapport has grown to almost telepathic levels."


- Peter Margasak, Chamber Music America, Summer 2017


Realign the Time

"The formidable individual talents of the quartet’s singers belie their strength and blend as a chamber ensemble. Yet each musician retains her unique vocal qualities, making Realign the Time a very personable and intimate recording."


- Jason Charney, i care if you listen


Realign the Time

"Realign the Time is a strong debut from a group sure to play a big role in reconceiving vocal composition in twenty-first-century music."


- Jeremiah Cawley, The Box is Empty


Quince and Grant Wallace Band Tour

"The music that Quince performs asks us to hear differently than we usually do.  The singers blend is perfect."


-Rob Cline, Cedar Rapids Gazette


WERKplaats with Ensemble Dal Niente

"The mellifluous harmonies of the female quartet, Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, provided commentary and vocal interest."


- Gerald Fisher, Chicago Classical Review


Quince Midwest Tour - October 2012

“Make no mistake, this is not your average vocal quartet.  They specialize in contemporary vocal techniques and continually offer expert performance of some of the most challenging, varied, and fascinating repertoire ever created for the human voice. It’s all but guaranteed that their seemingly limitless voices will shock you, impress you, please you, and entertain you”


 - Jeremiah Cawley, The Box is Empty



Philip Glass: Music with Friends

"What's thought of as a boundless, continuous expanse..." for five sopranos and 15-channel, 1-bit electronics...the piece blew me away...Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble [was] wonderful. I've never heard anything like this..."


  - Henceforth Records



" [Quince's] flawless rhythm and nuanced articulations drew attention to musical characteristics that can be ignored when expression is valued over the physicality of a musica practica"

"When a performance of new music is as thoughtful and joyful as that by the Quince and Color Field Ensembles, it’s easier to focus on the relationship between a composition and its realization, to hear interpretation as a kind of listening."

 - David McCarthy,
McCarthyisms for Your Work Week

Contagious Sounds Series
"Ohio-based Quince, comprising founder and soprano Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, soprano Liz Pearse and mezzo-sopranos Kayleigh Butcher and Aubrey Von Almen, with guest artist Delea Shand, sang a breathtaking program"

"It was clear that Quince had arrived as a new force of vocal excellence and innovation."

"As the evening progressed and Quince sang wonder after wonder, the audience awaited each of them with Pavlovian anticipation."


 - David St.-Lascaux, The Brooklyn Rail








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