Quince Chronicles - July 2020

Well, hey there!

We appreciate you taking the time to check in with us. Here's a few updates about our musical lives, plus some personal updates for fun.

And if you miss us as much as we miss you, we hope you'll pop in to our happy hour on July 16. Nothing serious, just a chance to say hi and see your shining faces. We'll be posting more info through our Patreon page, so check there for updates!

OK, onto the music...

----> COMMISSIONS: We're planning some programs that we seriously cannot wait to perform, including a program featuring world premieres by Gilda Lyons, Tomás Gueglio, Andrès Carrizo, and Paul Pinto. And there's more! Scores are on the way from composers Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh and Annika Socolofsky! This is all thanks to our Commissioning Fund, so thank you to everyone who has contributed!

----> RECORDING: When conditions allow, we are planning a recording session of our "This a Changin' World" program, which features pieces about the Dust Bowl and other situations of displacement, migration, and environmental tragedy. Featuring music by Michael Miller, Eliza Brown, Carrie Henneman Shaw, Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, Liz Pearse, and Woody Guthrie. We'll also be recording pieces composed for us by Chris Fisher-Lochhead!

----> DIGITAL PREMIERE: We released the digital premiere of Courtney Bryan's Dust to Dust, the opening movement of her larger work Requiem. We were supposed to premiere the full piece on the Chicago Symphony Orchestra's MusicNOW Series in March. Look for updates about the rescheduled event!

----> love fail: Have you had a chance to listen to love fail by David Lang? We're pretty proud of it! Look out for some distance-recorded videos to pair with the album soon...

----> DISTANCE RESIDENCY: We've been scheming up ways to connect with students from a distance, and we think some of the asynchronous repertoire we perform could be just the ticket. Check it out...

----> WANT MORE? Check out our events page for the latest!

And now for the good stuff...

----> CARRIE: This past March, teachers were suddenly shifting entire courses online, figuring out streaming, and navigating the emotional roller-coaster of their students' dashed hopes for the year. Carrie rose to the challenge. Look at that slick setup. Look at that cool, confident gaze. If Dr. Shaw is your teacher, you're in good hands! Oh, and did you know she was hired as full time faculty at University of Washington starting this Fall?! Congrats, Carrie!!! <3

----> LIZ: If you didn't know, Liz lives on her own little piece of absolute freakin' paradise in rural Minnesota. Her property is populated by a variety of lovely creatures and botanical beings. She's been hard at work restoring native plantings, and she also has a knack for recording the totally cool sonic landscape.

Take a listen:


And check out the new art acquisitions in her newly-renovated music studio!!! Her lucky students will have a vibrant backdrop for their lessons this Fall.

----> KAYLEIGH: "After almost a year of enduring pain because of my impacted wisdom teeth, I was finally able to have the wisdom tooth extraction surgery a week ago in Brooklyn. My friend, Sharon Harms, met me there and helped me get home safely, thank goodness. I tried to document my experience since I knew that I would get sedated plus the anesthesia, et voila, photo evidence of when my mouth felt SUPER weird and I was still very loopy from the meds.

It's been a little over a week since the surgery now, and I'm healing nicely with very little pain and sporadic headaches so all in all a success! So yes, I was in my mid-30s when I had to have my wisdom teeth out, and I have no shame, because things are awesome now."

----> AMANDA: Along with figuring out video editing software for long-distance Quince projects, I've been busy wrangling my energetic pre-toddler. I live by a forest preserve, so we tend to spend our mornings going for long walks, which keeps us both happy and distracted.

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