A year of big dreams...

Dear listeners,

For 9 years, Quince has been caravanning around this beautiful planet, shepherding in new music, and building connections with remarkable people. Along the way, we've learned lessons about who we are as an ensemble and as individual artists, and we've started to dream big about what we can contribute and build as artists that will be lasting and meaningful. This past year has been our biggest adventure yet. We released our 3rd studio album, MOTHERLAND, we made our debut at the Library of Congress, we launched our Dust Bowl Ballads project, we did a sweet 90s sitcom-inspired photoshoot...it was a blast.

Take a peek at our digital scrapbook below. Thanks for going on this ride with us, and we'll see you for another spin around the sun!



P.s. if you're curious about what's been in our earbuds this year, take a peek at our 2018 ensemble playlist!

1. Quince sound-checks at the Library of Congress, 10/30/2018

2. Liz graduates with her DMA from Bowling Green State University! Seen with professor Jane Rodgers.

3. Behind the scenes while filming the Morton Feldman documentary "Who'd have thought" directed by Zahra Partovi.

4. Photoshoot fun

5. Performing David Lang's "the little match girl passion" with Dr. Clayton Parr and the concert choir at Albion College.

6. The cover of our third studio album, MOTHERLAND, released on New Focus Recordings.

7. Performing at Reverb Lounge in Omaha, NE.

8. Caroling in the snow in Queens, NY.

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