This upcoming season brings some exciting projects and programs for us! If you haven’t seen what we’re up to, check out our Events page here!

This past week we all hunkered down in the Twin Cities and learned A LOT of new rep including pieces by Federico Garcia De Castro, Eliza Brown, Michael Miller, and our own Amanda DeBoer Bartlett and Liz Pearse. PLUS we got to share a bill with the wondrous Lumina and sang some pieces by Linda Kachelmeier and some pirate sea shanties. No, you read that right: PIRATE SEA SHANTIES (!!!!)

Here we are (photo above) learning things with Lumina! See how much Linda is noticing!? This wasn’t staged at all....

Oh, and did I mention we went to the Minnesota State Fair on our break, cuz WE DID. And we got so drenched in rain, but still left with some booty, see below, (notice the subtle pirate theme of this whole blog post….)

(MN State Fair airbrushed t-shirts (from left to right: Dave Reminick, Arnold Schoenberg, Eliza Brown, and Andrew Tham)

Then, the biggest booty of all the booties: we did this…..

And the pièce de résistance...

As you can see, it was a productive week on many counts – full of new musicking, performances, jokes, and goofiness.

Hope to see you all in our future touring cities very soon!

Love, Quince

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