It's been one mother of a season...

Before we announce our next season, we want to hit pause and reflect on the past year, our 7th season of making music together.

We also want to send a message of gratitude to every human who came to our shows, listened to our recordings, donated to our projects, wore our shirts, and cheered us on. We're working hard to bring you the coolest music we can find, and it makes it worth it when we hear from you and see your shining faces!!

This season was a doozey. We performed 16 concerts in 12 different cities. We released our 3rd studio album, MOTHERLAND, on New Focus Recordings. We were part of a documentary. We (YOU!) successfully funded a commission for new music by Dave Reminick. We premiered 14 new works, including a 30-minute song cycle by LJ White funded by Chamber Music America, the Ditson Fund, and the Amphion Fund. We gave talks and masterclasses about entrepreneurship, composing for the voice, and so much more. We got snowed (and food-poisoned) out of a couple shows :( but we bounced back! We collaborated with Eighth Blackbird, Third Coast Percussion, Albion College Choir, and Matthew Oliphant. We ate so many tacos...

We're tired...

But we're also SO GRATEFUL to do what we love and perform music that we believe in, music that reflects on our time and asks tough questions and makes us laugh.

What do you say? Shall we go another round???

LOVE from your friends at Quince Ensemble!

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