17 Random & Awesome Things from 2017!

Whew! It's time to blow a kiss to 2K17 and rev up for another round of new music surprises. But, before we say adieu to a lovely year, join us in a bout of nostalgia and humble bragging with a list of 17 random and awesome things from Quince's 2017 travels!

1. Second album released on New Focus Recordings 2. Premiered 14 pieces 3. First Quince-family trip to a water park 4. First appearances in Boston, Cleveland, Columbus, Fredonia, Seattle, Ann Arbor, Grinnell, Rockford, Winona, Delaware (OH) 5. Performed “Music for 18 Musicians” with Eighth Blackbird and Third Coast Percussion 6. Described as “the Anonymous 4 of New Music” in Opera News 7. Sang along with Celine Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” approximately 50 times 8. Released a new album with Austin New Music Co-op 9. Launched a new project with Dave Reminick 10. Performed David Lang’s “love fail” in front of a demonic Tickle Me Elmo doll 11. Featured on a new album by Man Forever with Laurie Anderson 12. Returned to Bowling Green State University, where Quince formed, to perform on the Music at the Forefront Series 13. Recorded our third album 14. Sang side-by-side with the Connecticut College choir 15. Had a fierce photo shoot with Aleksandr Karjaka 16. Performed with Olivia Block on the Frequency Festival 17. Changed our hair, nail, and glitter eyeshadow color too many times to count

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