Socks, Diners, and Alma Maters

Another tour in the books. After 4 weeks, 5 states, 12 cities, an East Coast weather delay, and about a truck load of diner food, we’ve gone our separate ways until April 19 in Grinnell, IA.

I realized that I’d been on tour for a significant amount of time when I could identify Quince members by their socks. The brown ones belong to Carrie, Liz goes for funky patterns (duh), Kayleigh’s are typically bright and pretty, and I’m a plane Hanes girl.

In some ways, the nostalgia caught up with me on this tour. We returned to our alma mater, BGSU, and some of the cities where we performed our first shows as a professional group after graduating. I’m a forward-looking person, always driving toward the next hurdle, but on this tour, I was forced to stop and take stock of how far we’ve come as an ensemble since our first show as a graduate student chamber ensemble.

My highlights from our Midwest invasion were…

…our first shows in Detroit, Rockford, Ann Arbor, Columbus, Delaware (OH), and Fredonia!

...performing on a theatre set featuring Tickle-Me Elmo in Columbus

…debuting our matching dresses :)

…the funky Airbnb in Toledo run by a vintage store curator

…water park day in Sandusky, Ohio!

...belting Celine Dion in the car on the way to every gig (seriously. every gig)

A few of my favorite pics from the road. See you in Iowa soon!


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