Quince Snapshot of the 2015 SONiC Festival

Pretty soon, Quince will be heading to NYC for our first show this season. We'll be performing as part of the SONiC Festival, joining other groups like JACK Quartet, Alarm Will Sound, Roomful of Teeth, wild Up, and So Percussion to showcase 'the sounds of a new century.' This festival (called a musical 'snapshot' of 21st century new music by NYTimes writer William Robin – more here) will be 9 days of music with 24 world premieres with over 80 composers featured and 14 ensembles from all over the country. If this isn't a snapshot of what's really happening in the music of today, I don't know what is!

Before things get crazy with travel, I thought I'd take a moment to highlight each of the pieces, composers, and instrument inventors that we'll be performing on Saturday, October 17 at 2:00pm at ShapeShifter Lab:

Fjóla Evans: Whirlpool for 3 singers and 4 theremins

Using theremins designed and created by artist Merche Blasco, this piece takes its texts from an ancient sailor's adage as well as some texts written by the composer. The theremins in this case aren't just pitch generators though. They also serve as manipulators of the sounds of the singers! We can delay or add reverb to the voices or trigger playback.

Watch Merche play her instruments and sing here:

Molly Herron: Stellar Atmospheres (World Premiere) for 3 singers, violas da gamba, and The Dervishes

Ominous, right? - 'The Dervishes' In Herron's piece, she uses repetitions of periodic elements, scientific formulas, vivid descriptions of space, and numbers that are chanted throughout the piece while using these magnificent instruments created by Andy Cavatorta and violas da gamba. The dervishes have been described as sounding like 'a choir of angry angels' or like 'sniffing a thousand magic markers all at once.' That last quotes seems incredibly intriguing to me.

Check out the video below and see for yourself:

Levy Lorenzo: Inside Voice for 3 singers and iLophones

Last year, we premiered Lorenzo's piece at Constellation Chicago for our Season Closer. People were blown away by these instruments that he created for the iPhone which allow a performer to manipulate and bend pitches while singing and improvising.

Here we are rehearsing the piece last season:

On top of all these cool pieces and newly-created instruments that we will be performing on this festival, there will also be sound installations by Albert Behar and a piece by Ruby Fulton with piano, electronics AND BICYCLE. Aw, man, we hope you can join us for what will be a mind-blowing concert!

To buy tickets to SONiC Festival's Machine Music: Acoustic and Robotic Instruments with Quince on Sat, Oct 17 at 2:00pm at Brooklyn's ShapeShifter Lab: click here!

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