Monte is sitting in a room...

The final piece we'll be premiering on Sunday, May 17 at Constellation Chicago is by Monte Weber. He's currently studying at NYU Steinhardt with the inimitable Joan La Barbara. As a sound artist and composer, he often creates 'delicate and vibrant sonic ecosystems' in his work and his new piece Cruel Anvil I. is one more example.

Cruel Anvil I.’s text is derived from excerpts of Alvin Lucier's iconic work I’m sitting in a room. The text has been fragmented, repositioned, and reordered to create a slightly different narrative as the sentences often have two sets of consequent clauses each with slightly different meanings. Weber also focused on the bits of text that pertain to the process of smoothing out the irregularities of speech. Monte says, "As a stutterer, I find that aspect immensely compelling especially since it is the part of the work that is talked about the least and yet holds the most emotional weight."

Check out this other piece he wrote for Quince member Liz Pearse with voice and looping pedal, Chanting Atmospheres, and then come hear the premiere on Quince: Spatial Palettes this Sunday, May 17th 8:30pm at Constellation - 3111 N. Western Ave!

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