Spatial Palettes

On May 17 at Constellation Chicago, Quince is closing our season with a concert of brand new works by some of our all-time favorite composers: Eliza Brown, Monte Weber, and Levy Lorenzo.

In anticipation of this concert, I thought I'd take this chance to talk about each piece and how the concepts have created both challenges and rewards for us as an ensemble that are unique and invaluable.

First, Eliza's Prospect and Refuge. This piece is an emotional undertaking to which Quince has never encountered before, and I say this in the BEST possible way. This composition is so uniquely personal and intimate and can be tailored according to the acoustic possibilities of any venue we are performing in. It has no actual text (minus a few short outbursts of improvisation in our native tongue) and has the most beautiful moments of dissonance and beating that we've decided to call those moments 'the brown note section' (because it's going to make you poop your pants with awe obvi...)

Monte's work, Cruel Anvil I., is an acoustic piece interpreting Alvin Lucier's piece I am sitting in a room. What strikes me as most distinctive about this piece is that it's not just about the influence of Lucier's work on the new music community in regard to the performative process but that the perception of the piece and its impact also includes a very personal message about communication or lack thereof between audience and performer. I equate this in my brain to the desire/need to be clear on stage on top of communicating the message of the composer, an important balancing act for any musician.

Lastly, Levy's piece Inside Voices combines a new smartphone app created by the composer called the iLophone. In the work, we'll each use our own iLophone and will sing along with and play the instrument simultaneously. This micro-tonal instrument application is truly mind-blowing to use while singing! We can match the pitch, manipulate the tones or timbre with our mouths, tilt the instruments to change pitches...the things it can do are astounding.

This project is supported in part by a grant from the Paul R. Judy Center for Applied Research

at the Eastman School of Music and the Jerome Fund for New Music.

Join us on Sunday, May 17th at 8:30pm at Constellation Chicago

to experience these pieces firsthand!

More info here:

Kayleigh working with composer Eliza Brown and staging director Emmi HIlger

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