QUINCE: Storytellers

Riding the waves of a successful, whirlwind season, Quince is preparing for a group of commissions that capitalize on the immediacy of the voice in telling some of the most essential and human stories of our time, and we need your help to bring these pieces to life. Read on to learn about the project, and become a featured backer!

Composers Chris Cerrone, Dave Reminick, Jennifer Jolley, Chris Fisher-Lochhead, and Curtis Rumrill will use their unique compositional voices, drawing on the exapnsive emotional and coloristic possibilities of the human voice, to continue the unbroken tradition of sung storytelling.

As a nonprofit music organization, Quince believes in developing new vocal music projects that continue the exploration of the human voice. As a self-produced ensemble, we work to create imaginative and challenging projects that inspire us as musicians and artists, and your support is essential to the success of this music. Honestly, we're just so pumped to be able to share this music with you!!

To learn more about the project and become a backer, please visit our online fundraising page: http://www.hatchfund.org/project/quince_modern_storytellers

Thank you for supporting Quince!!


Kayleigh, Carrie, Liz, Amanda

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