Quince's Top 10 2014!

2015 is going to be Quince's best year yet! We're looking forward to new pieces from Eliza Brown, Levy Lorenzo, Curtis Rumrill, Monte Weber and other music visionaries. We're also thrilled to make our debut in Austin, TX and to return to Omaha for our first solo show there since 2012. There's too many fun things coming up to list here, but before we leave 2014 behind, we wanted to take a second and relive our 10 favorite moments of the past year: QUINCE'S TOP 10 2014!!! 10. Our show at Firehouse Space with Gelsey Bell, with that awesome golden retriever hanging out backstage. 9. Working with production manager Amanda Breslow during our run at the HERE Arts Center NYC. (Amanda ROCKS!) 8. Singing the only tonal piece (by Jonn Sokol) in a sea of complexity at the Saturday concert of NUNC (Northwestern University New Music Conference) 7. Our first performance of Music for 18 Musicians at Omaha Under the Radar. 6. Getting that triangle part right in Maria Grigoryeva's "I'm Something" at Constellation, Chicago. 5. Performing music arranged by our very own Liz Pearse! 4. Meeting the students at Chicago Academy of the Arts that we'll be working with during our residency this Spring. 3. Performing with Grant Wallace Band and seeing Cedar Rapids (woo!) 2. Bringing Carrie Henneman Shaw on as our newest member...AND... 1. Recording our DEBUT ALBUM! Thanks for listening and we'll see you in the new year!! love QUINCE Kayleigh, Liz, Amanda, Carrie

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