What's Your Ideal Program?

When Quince books a concert, one of the first concerns we have is - "What the heck are we going to sing?!" There are many considerations in play - "Who's our audience? What do we have available? What new things can we bring?". . .and the one we hate having to think about: "What can we do if one of our members can't be there?" We're pretty fond of each other - and given the option, would rather sing with everyone present. However, the occasion arises where one of us has a prior engagement. (That's what happens with four busy, in-demand performers!) When we started performing together, we began building an arsenal of varied repertoire - and as we've grown, we've acquired more works through commissions, recommendations, or our own digging. To this point, we have performed mostly quartet repertoire, with an occasional trio, duet, or quintet. It's fun to mix up the texture from time to time. As we discover more repertoire for smaller combinations of lady voices, we gain versatility, and options for when one member must be absent. Among our plans: Feldman's Three Voices (in arrangements for four when we can, and with the original scoring), Scelsi's Sauh duets, and an arrangement of the dearly departed electronic outfit Coil's "Christmas is now drawing near". In addition, we have scoresthat afford us the flexibility to sing with a reduced instrumentation when necessary. Past the issue of performer availability - we have experimented with several concert formats. We've performed many potpourri-programs, featuring short works by various composers of the last few decades. At a recent concert at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, we performed (as a quintet) a few longer works, to excellent audience response. With Three Voices, it will be ONE evening-length piece, our first presentation of such a work... Now, I turn to our audience to ask - what do you prefer? A buffet of lovely short works? One long work? A mixture of the two? We asked a similar question once regarding what we should feature on our debut album. . .now's your chance to chime in! Leave us a comment detailing your "Ideal Quince Concert"!


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