Left to right: Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, Carrie Henneman Shaw,
Kayleigh Butcher, and Liz Pearse


love fail by David Lang

An hour long work for four singers playing percussion. Composed in 2012.


"love fail is a meditation on the timelessness of love that weaves together details from medieval retellings of the story of Tristan and Isolde with stories from more modern sources."

- David Lang



KODY Festival in Lublin, Poland.

This a Changin' World

“This a changin world” is a program of folk ballads inspired by the music of Woody Guthrie, the Dust Bowl migration of the 1930s, and the ever-changing world around us, from the great wide-open of
Nebraska to the Dominican Republic.

We dedicate these songs to anyone who has seen the world change in an instant with the a gust of wind, to anyone who’s ever had to pick up and leave home with only what they could carry, and to anyone who has worked for a better life for themselves or others. These are our stories, the stories of our grandparents, and the stories of those we could never meet whose lives were cut short through injustice. 

With music and words by Woody Guthrie, Eliza Brown, Michael Miller, Liz Pearse, Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, Dave Reminick,
and Gabriella Zapata Alma. 


Watch our promo video for This a Changin' World!




Listen to an Excerpt of Eliza Brown

Listen to an Excerpt of Michael Miller

Without Measure

A collection of Quince's best-loved commissions and selections from their favorite projects, evoking themes of restless and reckless devotion, contemporary love, and struggles with personal growth and self-discovery.



"not merely bad or broken" Joe Clark

"i live in pain" David Lang

"Three Erasures" Cara Haxo

"hushers" Warren Enström

"Squarepushers" Amanda Feery

"Three Madrigals" Max Grafe

"Story" John Cage

"Két kánon" György Ligeti

"Prisoner of Conscience" Jennifer Jolley





Watch Max Grafe's Three Madrigals

Photo by Aleksandr Karjaka.

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 Workshop at Connecticut College in New London, CT
with Wendy Moy, CC choral director (far right)

Masterclass at Linfield College with Liz Pearse coaching Mihretabe (undergraduate) on Caro mio ben



As dedicated advocates for contemporary vocal arts and concert repertoire, Quince has developed and executed many successful education workshops and projects in conjunction with universities, high schools, and independent arts organizations.


Ask about our educational offerings as independent events or in conjunction with public performances:

  • Workshops and masterclasses for singers on contemporary vocal repertoire and techniques

  • Talks on arts entrepreneurship 

  • Residencies with composers resulting in public performances of their work

  • Custom educational programs to fit your curriculum needs

  • Adult workshops with emphasis on vocal improvisation and graphic notation





"Quince Ensemble led the first of its kind residency for Nebraska musicians which brought great depth and excitement to students, educators and audience members.  Quince is leading the way in cultivating their shared voices through their artistry, compositions, choices of repertoire, and composers.   Quince's commitment to the relevant artistry reaches engaged, riveting audiences and is a musical game changer for arts education and the arts!"

-Stacie Haneline of Vesper Series in Omaha, NE




"Working with the artists in that informal setting was so enjoyable.  And definitely eye-opening to a mostly instrumental musician like me.  What a great idea to have it!"

-Bob Zagozda, Adult student on vocal improvisation in Omaha, NE


Free Adult Workshop on improvisation with the voice with Vesper Concert Series in Omaha, NE



"Judging by the evidence here, Quince Ensemble is the Anonymous 4 of new music. They have a clear mission (in this case, commissioning, performing and advocating new and experimental work), superb blend, great versatility and a general fearlessness of approach. It’s hard to imagine that the fresh, daring, often forbiddingly difficult works on this disc could be performed any better."


- Joshua Rosenblum, Opera News


“Make no mistake, this is not your average vocal quartet.  They specialize in contemporary vocal techniques and continually offer expert performance of some of the most challenging, varied, and fascinating repertoire ever created for the human voice. It’s all but guaranteed that their seemingly limitless voices will shock you, impress you, please you, and entertain you”


 -The Box is Empty


"Over the years, the ensemble's rapport has grown to almost telepathic levels."


-Peter Margasak, Chamber Music America, Summer 2017


"The formidable individual talents of the quartet’s singers belie their strength and blend as a chamber ensemble. Yet each musician retains her unique vocal qualities, making “Realign the Time” a very personable and intimate recording."


- Jason Charney, i care if you listen


[Review of the concert - Philip Glass: Music with Friends]

"What's thought of as a boundless, continuous expanse..." for five sopranos and 15-channel, 1-bit electronics...the piece blew me away. Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble was wonderful. I've never heard anything like this."


  -Henceforth Records



"The mellifluous harmonies of the female quartet, Quince Ensemble, provided commentary and vocal interest."


-Gerald Fisher, Chicago Classical Review 



"As the evening progressed and Quince sang wonder after wonder, the audience awaited each of them with Pavlovian anticipation."


- David St.-Lascaux, The Brooklyn Rail

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Quince Ensemble

Digital Press Kit


Contemporary vocal chamber music for the 21st century



Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, Liz Pearse, Carrie Henneman Shaw


Mezzo soprano:

Kayleigh Butcher


"Quince Ensemble is the Anonymous 4 of new music."


- Joshua Rosenblum, Opera News


General: info@quince-ensemble.com

Kayleigh Butcher, director: kayleigh214@gmail.com

Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, development: amdeb404@gmail.com

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